Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Modern job searches: Now they are looking for you online

After reading a recent article stating that employers will soon be primarily searching for their candidtates online as oppposed to the former practice of resume revue.  I have come to a few conclusions.

1.  It seems that self promotion has taken the place of professionalism.
While it used to be that the desire for a position had to be accompanied by qualifications it would seem the         new formula for job placement is based solely on ones ability to advertise.
2.  This new practice of searching for potential employees online blurs the line between social media and professional placement and opens the individual to embarassing and compromising information being exposed.
3.  Regardless of my feelings or of anyone elses feelings about this new trend, I anticipate the employement process will become even more wired.  Eventually I see interviews being conducted by Skype, personality profile exams online and perhaps in the future one might not even travel to work to perform their job.

It is difficult to accept changes in the professional environment since we deem professional to be a set of behaviors defined by our own preconceptions, but the bar is moving. What would be considered professional today is a far cry from the previous generations professional.  I'm sure that tomorrows professional will be different from todays.

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