Sunday, November 6, 2011

The internet isn't a playground anymore - Its a marketplace, and you are marketable...or not

Courtesy on an on-line think tank:  Careful what you say or do online.  Your job may depend on it.  An article from career thought leaders found at pretty clearly shows us something I think we all knew or at least expected already.  The internet isn't a digital Woodstock.  There are real consequences to your actions in this once considered last bastion of free speech.  Sure you can say what you want online and post what you want online, but now, just like in the the old fashioned analogue world, your actions can come back to haunt you.

Why?  Because employers are increasingly interested in your online demeanor when determining if you're a good candidate for that 6 figure job.  The article featured a small sample of HR professionals and hiring managers but the results were overwhelming.  They're very interested in how you act online. The article claims that of those employers who used internet data mining to screen candidates, "70% have used data they’ve found online to reject job candidates – despite their own concern about the authenticity of that information."

Already, the majority of employers use information about you found online to draw conclusions about your professional potential.  This trend is only going to increase.  On the bright side, perhaps losing the faceless anonymity of the internet and its consequence free environment, will help our younger tech savvy generation develop the social skills they seem to have neglected in favor of online personas.

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