Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What, if any, value does social media provide for writing, business, and business writing? 

I believe social media provides different levels of value to business writing, business in general and writing in general.  As far as business writing is concerned, it increases availability and makes business writing more accessible to a wider range of people.  The same can be said for business.  Social media is another way for businesses to reach people and get feedback faster.  As for writing in general, I'm not sure if it helps.  Sure if makes pieces of writing more available to more people, but is it good writing?  From what I've seen of social media, it's either so simple that it doesn't advance the art/science of writing, or so abbreviated that it allows for misinterpretation of what was written because you can't expand on a point effectively.

Can you imagine yourself using social media for your job now or in the future? If so, how?

I do not believe I'll have much use for social media as an accountant, but if I were to be in sales or marketing, I can see the chance of using it in those fields to reach consumers.

What are the potential benefits and/or drawbacks of using social media, like blogging, Twitter, or Facebook, for work-related purposes?

The potential benefits I've expanded upon already.  It's another line of communication that wasn't there before.  If you want to be heard by the most people, stand on the tallest hill in the busiest city and shout.  The internet is currently the busiest city, and social media is the tallest hill.  In a competitive marketplace, that's important.  There are definitely drawbacks to social media.  As an individual, any lapse in judgement or a poorly placed post from an acquaintance can reflect negatively on you for career purposes.  I don't like mixing business and social life.  You should be able to let your guard down in social circles and not worry about how it reflects on you professionally.

How is the style of writing on social media different (other than the obvious, "You can only use 140 characters!") from other forms of writing?

The style of writing in social media is in my opinion, food for the masses.  It's simple and direct enough for everyone to understand.  Whether that means its short, or just simple enough in language, ultimately it caters to a wide, wide audience.  I'm not sure that's a good thing.  I like writing to be a more sophisticated and intellectual form of communication that can precisely communicate what you want because you actually have time to pick your words and weigh their impact.  Social media squeezes that aspect out of it.

Have we changed as a society as a result of the internet and social media?

Our society most certainly HAS changed due to the internet and social media.  Again, not sure if it's all good.  Information and opinions are a keystroke away.  It's very easy to get facts and opinions.  I'm afraid it might also socially stunt people however.  Internet trolls have caused suicides because the trolls don't really like their actions online are real or and actually reflect on them as human beings.

Will social media change business practices?

It already has.  As the habits of consumers change, so must those of a business.  When consumers find new ways to communicate, so must business.

 Has your own writing been affected by blogging or tweeting?

I hope not.  I speak plainly enough, but when I write, like I said, I like the art of writing.  I've never done tweeting or blogs before, probably won't after, mainly because I feel that at best, personal blogging is screaming for attention, and tweeting limits your ability to express yourself and allows other people to misinterpret you.

Have you encountered any influential ideas or information as a result?

I do like the brief to the point nature of some social media outlets, but I don't really put alot of stock into what I read on blogs and twitter.  I don't trust them.  I like reputable sources of information, and let's face it, blogs and twitter do not have that reputation yet.

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