Sunday, December 4, 2011

Business is Good for Businesses on Twitter

So you're a small business who wants to market to a tech savvy crowd with money to burn and no time for the mess of graphics, sheep and farm deliveries of Facebook?  Say "hello" to Twitter.  Small businesses are finding their leg up in Twitter.

Twitter's to-the-point format allows small businesses to use it as a staple of their customer service and marketing efforts.  It's interactive nature allows them to react to customer opinions, suggestions and complaints in an easy to access, honest format.  This article explains a small software company's use of Twitter to reach a very specific market segment:

Being able to announce promotions, new products, and updates on existing products helps businesses spark that most sought after form of advertising - word of mouth.  Being able to receive almost instant feedback allows companies to get ahead of potentially disastrous nightmares and firefight if need be.  The bottom line?  It's free.  Hard not to like that if you're a smart businessperson.

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